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Photo Booth

Mobile Disc Jocky and Photo Booth Service

Does your event have people?  Then a Photo Booth you will need!

Well…You may not think that your event necessarily needs a photo booth but the fact that you *clicked* on this page suggests that you are at least curious about the concept.  So let’s get started on the Top 5 Reasons to hire a photo booth and why NS Photo Booth Entertainment is the one for you.

Reason #5.  More the merrier!  Open-air photo booth designs increase the possible number of guests that can be pictured at one time.  More props!  There are endless combinations to choose from.  More options!  Green screen background for custom images or basic white for elegance.

Reason #4.  Instant souvenirs! Photos are printed immediately, on the spot…in many cases, before the guests return the many, many props to the table.  They may also choose to share a digital copy to their email, or Facebook account (dependent on available venue Wi-Fi…and guest’s memory of their login)

Reason #3.  It’s entertaining whether one participates in the photo booth or observes those who do.  Everyone is going to have a good time when Nanna puts on a biker jacket, shades, and spiked gloves and totally rocks the look!

Reason #2.  Even on a good night, we know that things don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes you just need more time between dinner and toast.  Maybe tables need to be cleared from the dance floor or the lady in white needs a moment to wipe the cake off her face before her first dance with the grooms.  Perhaps your guests need a breather between songs to cool down after a packing the dance floor for an hour straight…A photo booth can help fill in those times and keep your guests engaged in the party all night.

Reason #1.  Will there be children?  What better way to keep the young ones entertained all night (or at least till they pass out from exhaustion) than to play dress up and use their wild imaginations?  Photo Booths draw munchkins in and then they draw in your shy guests.  Who could say “No” to those adorable faces?!  Pretty soon everyone wants a turn in front of the camera.