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Most Brides have been waiting for this day for months, (if not years) letting the excitement build up until they can hardly breathe.  Everything from the dress to the flowers has been made special just for them.  Why not the entertainment as well?  With Night Sounds Entertainment, we can customize your wedding reception around you and your guests.  It will be a day to remember because we take the time to know you and your needs.  Don't settle for entertainment that uses the same script every other weekend.  Be bold and choose one that is tailor-made for you.

Night Sounds Entertainment is an interactive DJ service that works to involve the guests and attendants in the celebration.  Every crowd will have its wallflowers, but that doesn't mean everyone has to be one.


For the Bride and Groom that want elegance along with the party atmosphere Night Sounds Entertainment provides "Uplighting" with no additional fees.  The venue is enhanced with this special lighting (best on light colored backgrounds or walls).  Lights remain steady, fade, flash, blink, strobe...virtually dance around the room.  But that's not all.  Soon the reception hall is transformed into a nightclub where the celebration continues into the night and your guests will be left wanting what will your wedding colors be? 

Want your guests to have an opportunity to make song requests prior to your night of celebration?  Click on the link below and with a password we provide special for your day, you and your guests can start selecting dedications and browse through the extensive song list.

Click Here to Make Guest Requests for an Upcoming Event!

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