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   When it comes to school events and teen dances, NIGHT SOUNDS ENTERTAINMENT knows how to please both the kids AND the sponsors!   We strive to do our best to use tasteful judgment in music selections all the while keeping the attention of the youth by remixing top hits and old classics.  Attendence is high right to the end of the night with NIGHT SOUNDS ENTERTAINMENT.  It's time to get down and party!

For special events such as prom, NIGHT SOUNDS ENTERTAINMENT is there to help well in advance.  We interact in the prom committee and attend meetings to discover what mood and theme they are working to achieve.  We can give ideas and suggestions on how to further enhance the evening with not just music but also lighting.  Time and money can be saved with special lighting effects that can be at your fingertips when you hire NIGHT SOUNDS ENTERTAINMENT.

Have the students make their song requests ahead of the event!  Click Here to Make Guest Requests for an Upcoming Event!


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